CITP Phase 2 Rendering Day

This is an interim use of an idle parcel in Cebu IT Park in Lahug, Cebu. Retail locators are surrounding a multi-use central park. Pedestrian comfort and accessibility is of great importance in the planning process.

It’s a development tandem with the large block across it which is slated for MUD. Projected recovery period for this one is about five years, but I would estimate it to be longer. It actually hinges on the annexation of a bigger property nearby. The sooner that happens, the shorter the period of this interim use.  But there is a shortage of greens in Cebu and I am pretty sure that retail patrons will love the park feel of this street-mall development.

There is minimum impact on the existing trees on site and very little site grading since the majority of the area is already well-drained. Footpaths are made of modular cast-in-place slabs, made to be reusable. Aside from the pedestrian flow, place-making, vehicular parking layout, basic EGD, and site concept, FYI also drafted the retail design guidelines.

Picture below was taken late June 2017.


Categories: Retail Development

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