120915 S2

Here’s a house that is a product of brisk ideation between owner and designer. Thermal comfort is ensured five ways:

  1. Employing cross-ventilation at the ground floor to protect indoor air quality. Open-planning also mutes the division between outdoors and indoors.
  2. Maximizing vertical stack effect using air convection between ground and second floor.
  3. Fenestration scheme to minimize heat gain during afternoons. Awning-type mechanisms also maintains air flow even during heavy downpour.
  4. High thermal mass like toilets are located on the hot sides of the house.
  5. Roof-type channels heat outside through induced air flow within plenum.

Target completion of construction is October 2016. For more detail, please contact author.

Posted by:Carl Saycon, MBA, Architect, Environmental Planner, Green Building Professional

Hi, I'm Carl, an architect, urban planner, and green building professional. After working in top development companies in the Philippines for more than 13 years, I founded FYI Design Studio in June 2015. Although we started on a shoestring budget, we were deeply imbedded in our commitment to provide design solutions that are contextual, appropriate, and environmentally responsible. The team has evolved since then through countless ideation sessions and project experiences, nothing short of revelatory and enlightening for everyone involved. Nonetheless our commitment remains. Come with me and join us in our journey. This is the story of a tiny little firm. For project inquiries, please email me carlsaycon@fyidesignstudio.com.

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