Daylight works a lot of magic in one’s design intent, particularly when the solution is located in a valley where there is more than ample tree cover. The amazing thing about this house is that it sits on a dim zone near the foot of a vegetated slope. It is actually blessed with diaphanous shadows and filtered light even during mid-day. It’s not at all exposed to strong winds and is gifted of having a naturally cool micro-climate.

Perception of cubic voids comes in sequences. One enters a free space unimpeded by partitions; all the servicing and utility areas are hidden from sight. The logic of user flow is that each movement terminates in the end with light. Light accentuates the end and beginning of your internal movement.

The pool and lawn are both part of the living room experience. Floor to floor height is at 4.5m, very high for a residential development but context-appropriate when it comes to natural lighting, spaciousness, and ventilation.

The sleekness of glass enclosures, the warmth of wooden accents, and predominance of white semi-gloss white paint finish create an urban chic that is both simple and elegant. Construction may begin within 2016.

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