What is generally considered as a party wall between two units in a duplex setup can be designed into a flexible and porous divider that can readily fold into one side when there is a large family gathering. This duplex, with two adjacent dining halls capable of being combined, began construction early August of 2016.

It sits on an area where the old house sits, retaining the old trees and some collections of flowering plants inside, while making way to the demands of a growing family. Reused and reclaimed items from the old house include parquet floors, stair treads, windows, doors, and GI roof panels. The rest were in poor condition and had to be let go.

Picture below is a progress status as of June 12, 2017. There have been changes in the rear portions of the floor plans to improve the natural lighting quality.


Below are pictures, taken August 03, 2017, of the laborious process in creating the corduroy effect in the middle section of the facade. Waterproofing emulsion plus base coat preparation already applied and ready to receive final paint. I’m sure there are more efficient options using machines, but the effect is satisfactory.

Below are pictures, taken August 26, 2017,  showing final cream-color coat on the facade. The corduroy accent, with a few texture applications, finally took the form and effect it once promised.


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