This structure is primarily a warehouse with an annexed home-office unit. It has two functions designed at present, and a meta-function that is about five to ten years in anticipation.  Utility preparations are considered in parallel with the staggered business model of the client.

Cross ventilation and air convection is taken advantage of to ensure worker comfort. Natural light is also studied to ensure a soft glow in the interiors sans the glare.

Somehow spatial flexibility is the norm with warehouses nowadays. Hybrid concrete and steel structural design gives maximum adaptability for new uses. New technologies like vertical racking systems and lifting trucks dictate much of the interior space volumes. Truck maneuvering and parking also forms the front line amenities.

Construction to started early parts of Q1 2017. The actual pictures below, taken August 2017, show the main superstructure being erected ahead of side office.

Categories: Industrial buildings

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