Working with an existing vertical pattern and color palette in this commercial building in Argao, the studio took on the challenge to come up with a chic, sleek, elegant and sophisticated look for both the façade as well as the common lobby, circulation spaces, and roof deck party zone. Vertical louvres of various colors are highlighted with pistachio green which is versatile, stylish and matches well with the rest of the earth colors. The lobby entrance has been exaggerated as well to emphasize its importance.

At the top of the staircase marks the terminating design element in the visual composition: the VIP room balcony, which commands a majestic view of the St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church.

Posted by:Carl Saycon, MBA, Architect, Environmental Planner, Green Building Professional

Hi, I'm Carl, an architect, urban planner, and green building professional. After working in top development companies in the Philippines for more than 13 years, I founded FYI Design Studio in June 2015. Although we started on a shoestring budget, we were deeply imbedded in our commitment to provide design solutions that are contextual, appropriate, and environmentally responsible. The team has evolved since then through countless ideation sessions and project experiences, nothing short of revelatory and enlightening for everyone involved. Nonetheless our commitment remains. Come with me and join us in our journey. This is the story of a tiny little firm. For project inquiries, please email me

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