The 4 Core Services We Offer

Strategic insight:

  1. Development narrative, brand identity, delivery, and holistic context of real estate developments. Feasibility studies for raw lands whether for land acquisition or development.
  2. Conceptual studies, highest and best use, density studies, and massing analysis.
    Site planning and urban design: Campus landscapes and learning environments, mixed-use developments, parks and public spaces, downtown revitalization and urban district developments, housing communities and subdivisions, and civic and cultural developments
  3. Green building certification:  Certified BERDE professional guidance to help clients comply with the requirements and processes to achieve green credit points set by the BERDE green building rating system
  4. Regular architectural services: Individual residences, commercial shops and show rooms, dormitories, warehouses, office and residential condominium, hotels and recreational master plans, amusement parks and leisure facilities.

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