FYI Design Studio

A seaside residence in Tayud, Cebu

This upscale house is currently under design development stage, and to start construction early next year. Sits on a rocky promontory overlooking a Marina in Tayud here in Cebu. FYI took advantage of the terrain as an opportunity for an infinity pool with bar and a semi-basement for the entertainment room. A gym sits over the master’s bedroom, overlooking the bay. A large glass-clad corner living room allows for great gatherings that spills over to the pool area. Can be opened up too, like a large veranda, for passive air cooling and daylighting.

The massing is staggered, takes cue from the terrain, and vanishes rightward to the edge of the horizon.

A few months after the schematic approval, a few basic parameters changed. The owner wanted to use container vans and sees the house as a cluster of transferable modules. The look changed too. Here are the computer-generated renderings of the updated interiors.

Categories: Houses

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